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Online Aviation Courses For High School Students

Online Aviation Courses

As students develop a love for aviation, they often show dramatic improvements in math and science as they apply these principles to the exciting world of aviation. Aviation has the remarkable ability to excite students about learning more math and science.

Thousands of students have already enjoyed learning about flight by completing our online aviation courses. They have experienced firsthand how these courses provide strong math and science education with practical applications in a variety of academic areas.

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AeroScholars Course 1: Fundamentals of Aviation Science

The course Fundamentals of Aviation Science is designed for students of all backgrounds. They may have some familiarity with aircraft and aviation or perhaps they have only seen aircraft flying overhead. The course is designed to encourage interest and appreciation for aviation.

It will explore the history of flight and uncover the mysteries of airplane and helicopter flight and the basics of aerodynamics. Students will learn about the evolution of aircraft and their designs, engines, instruments, and aircraft systems. Meteorology, air traffic control, and a variety of aviation and aerospace career options are also covered.

The online aviation courses include significant historical events in aviation and aerospace development and a look at modern technology and industry progress. Students will learn aerospace terminology, government and industry roles in aviation, and applicable regulations.

Course 1: National Science Teachers Association's Standards: Grades 9-12

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"I am thankful our son gets to take this aviation course. This class is by far his favorite."
- Parent

AeroScholars Course 2: Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot

The Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot component further develops the student's understanding and interest in aviation science. Although most students may not pilot an aircraft for a living, most people have dreamt of flying an aircraft. Course 1 is a prerequisite for Course 2 unless permission is granted from the instructor.

This online aviation course brings the dream of being a pilot many steps closer. Students will learn about airport systems, air traffic control procedures, airspace, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and federal aviation regulations.

The online aviation courses will also cover aircraft performance and cross-country flight planning. Additional weather theory is provided as well as weather reports and forecasts for pilots. Aircraft weight and balance and the use of pilot tools and charts are all taught using comprehensive video, interactive questions, online lessons, and the FAA publication The Private Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. The course features hundreds of interactive videos, test questions, and 17 weeks of exciting aviation lessons.

Upon successful completion of this course, students may request an endorsement to take the FAA private pilot knowledge examination, signed off by a certified flight instructor. Passing the knowledge exam completes the first step toward earning a real pilot license.

Course 2: National Science Teachers Association's Standards: Grades 9-12

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"This online aviation high school course gives my students a great introduction to aviation and goes a long way to adding excitement to science."

-High School Teacher

AeroScholars Course 3: Drones: Remote Pilot Certification

This course will provide you with an introduction to being a drone pilot and how to fly drones for recreation or commercial use. In addition, this course will include the regulations for drone flight. You will become familiar with our National Airspace System and where you can fly a drone. You will learn about the importance of understanding weather and how it impacts drone flight. Another component of the course is how to load a drone and how drones perform. Students will be introduced to a wide range of drone careers.

If you plan to use your drone for commercial services, this course will prepare you for the FAA Part 107 examination. If you plan to fly the drone only for recreation, it will provide you with the rules and regulations guiding safe drone flight.


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New Course!

Middle School Aviation and Aerospace Careers

Aviation and aerospace are exciting fields of study, and this course is designed to help you learn about these fields. In this semester-long course, you will:

  • Meet aviation and aerospace professionals and students,
  • Learn about the history of aviation, from Leonardo da Vinci's ideas about flight to the Wright brothers and the race to space,
  • Learn about innovations and technological developments that make today's aviation and aerospace industries possible, and
  • Explore the trends and opportunities in aviation and aerospace career fields and identify a career that sounds interesting and find out the education, training, and experience required.