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The AeroScholars Program is an aviation experience, designed to instill and encourage the passion of aviation. The online courses, which comprise the core of the program, have been developed in accordance with national science standards, and have even won awards for innovative curriculum. Participating in AeroScholars brings the fascinating world of aviation right to your fingertips. Courses are available in English to students anywhere in the world, providing almost limitless accessibility. Students can earn university credit from one of the Nation's top aviation universities! They'll learn through exciting video and interactive activities, and in some areas, even have the opportunity to participate in fun extra-curricular activities, coordinated by one of the many AeroScholars course facilitators.

2017 Fall Schedule
First day of class:
August 14, 2017
Last day to register:
October 14, 2017
Last day of class:
December 20, 2017

Reduced Price!
The cost of becoming an AeroScholar has gone down! Now it is easier than ever before to enjoy the benefits of the AeroScholars program:

  • Price for AeroScholars Course 1, one semester: $225
  • Price for AeroScholars Course 2, one semester: $250
  • Course 2: Materials (per student; needed to complete course): $50


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What is included?
Everything you need to complete the courses is included with purchase. This includes access to the online courses with all accompanying multimedia and electronic versions of the textbooks.

Course 2 students will also need to purchase a private pilot flight planning kit, which includes all the equipment required to complete an authentic flight plan.