Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the course require a textbook?
Yes. Both courses use the textbook, Aerospace the Journey, published by the Civil Air Patrol. Course 2 also uses The Private Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, published by the FAA.
Both books are provided in electronic format and are included with the purchase of each AeroScholars course.

2. Can I receive credit for the course?
Yes. You may be able to obtain high school science elective credit for either course, depending on the requirements and curriculum of your local high school.

3. How old do I need to be to fly an airplane?
There is no specific age requirement to fly an airplane, but you must be 16 to fly solo in an airplane or 17 to obtain your FAA Private Pilot Certificate. The objective of this course is not to solo or to obtain pilot certification. It is to form a foundation of aviation knowledge that will be useful in your math and science studies or help you on your way to becoming a pilot.

4. Will the course cost any extra money beyond the course tuition cost?
No. All materials required to complete each course are provided with purchase. Some extra-curricular activities may be offered in conjunction with each course. These activities are organized by local facilitators in some geographical areas, and there may be additional cost to participate locally. The purpose of extra-curricular activities is to enhance the student experience, however, these activities are not academic requirements of the course.

5. How much time should I plan to finish this course?
The time required for this course is similar to the time required for traditional courses in high school. You will spend approximately 17 weeks of study, averaging 4 hours per week, to complete the course.